Sharjah Airport Authority to Support Sharjah in Becoming More Age-Friendly City

Sharjah Airport Authority to Support Sharjah in Becoming More Age-Friendly City

‘Commitment to the Care of the Elderly’, this document has recently signed by SAA, Sharjah Airport Authority to turn Sharjah into an Age-friendly City. This program was developed by the Committee Supervising Sharjah’s Bid to Join the Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities of theWorld Health Organization (WHO).

The aim is to make Sharjah an ideal environment for senior people with the basic objective of making them feel happy and well cared for.

WHO established “The Network” to promote healthy and active ageing and a good quality of life for the older residents.

The Chairman of SAA, Ali Salim Al Midfa has signed the document with 77th Director of the Committee’s Executive Office Asma Al Khodari in the presence of a number of SAA’s officials.

SAA is currently providing wide variety of services to the elderly including healthcare services, smart-gates, special escalators, wheelchair and buses equipped with hydraulic apparatus to lift wheelchair-bound passengers and transport them to the aircraft safely and efficiently.

Al Midfa said, “We have developed a work plan to implement the initiative and achieve its objectives, firstly by educating our staff members on the concepts of caring for the senior citizens and providing them with services and facilities that meet all their peculiar needs.”

The SAA is planning to give additional elder friendly facilities and services that will include reserved parking spaces at the departures and arrivals terminals and driveways etc.