Sheikh Hamdan posts a Selfie with Samsung Fold


As the world awaits for the Samsung Fold, the Crown prince has already been taking photos with it. Yes, the news is true as the Crown prince and chairman of Dubai executive council Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared a selfie by clicking it with SAMSUNG Fold, on his Instagram.

Shaikh posted a story on his official account (as he opens a phone with his picture) on Instagram. The prince has offered to peek to its 7.8 million followers.


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The royal prince has bought the phone which will be for $1,980 as the initial price of the phone when it will be launched in the market.

Samsung Launches its Flagship Galaxy Studio again in Dubai

When the Korean-based company decided that this year they will launch a phone with a folding screen, an important question was raised. Would people be wanting or needing such innovation?

SAMSUNG has offered in the U.S a hands-on preview to the media before the product Galaxy fold is launched.

April 26th is the date for the release of Galaxy fold in U.S for $1,980, however, the date for the European market is set for 3rd May.

Galaxy fold has the ability to run three apps simultaneously when expanded, it also supports app continuity as there would be no interruption when folded or unfolded. The device claim 6 cameras, which makes it relatively much different from other phones. The galaxy fold will be launching with the 4G version in the region in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Later on, the 5G version will also be released in the market in the near future.

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This technology is being called “book-style device” which will be the biggest innovation since the mobile phone. The galaxy fold is being released side by side with the latest S10 series.

The royal Prince has thanked SAMSUNG for being able to get this new innovation before its release.