Sheikh Zayed’s Stunning Hologram Gives ‘life’ to His Inspirational Words

    Sheikh Zayed's Stunning Hologram Gives 'life' to His Inspirational Words

    In the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision, the founder of UAE, New Dimension Productions (NDP) presented one of his inspiring speeches through a groundbreaking hologram.

    The hologram is a result of recreating a 3D realistic model based on a historical motivational speech by the late Sheikh Zayed in a world where smart solutions and innovation are the norm.

    3D technology was used to recreate the late Sheik Zayed’s 3D model detailed facial textures, head animation and over all compositing.

    The major challenge was to create the realistic model and characteristics in the animation and feel of the speech to deliver the message intended by Sheikh Zayed. The production was created by a team of experts and over 400 hours of work to perfect the holographic experience.

    The Co-Founder and CEO of NDP Hasan M. Hina said, It is a tremendous honor to produce a hologram of H.H. on the occasion of the Year of Zayed, which gave us an additional motivation to perfect it.

    This technique is used in Hollywood movies to create fantasy characters or real humans in blockbuster movies. New Dimension Productions are the only ones in the region who can deliver this level of quality.