Sherine to perform at the Global Village in Dubai on March 29th


Sherine Abdel Wahab (شيرين عبدالوهاب) will perform a grand concert at the Global Village in Dubai on Friday, 29 March, in the presence of a large audience from different nationalities.

Rotana, the organizer of the Global Village, announced the details of the evening by social networking sites. She was the winner of the ceremony and was named “Global Village by the Star of the Arab World Sherine”.

Amr Diab’s Concert in Dubai: Ticket Prices and Details

It is known that the concerts held in the global village in Dubai without payment of material, and only require a ticket to enter the village, which is 15 dirhams per person.
She sang a concert in Kuwait as part of the Hala February festival. She also performed a concert in Bahrain a few days ago. She also presented her new song “Hibba Jannah” in the form of a video clip, in which her husband Hossam Habib participated.

Angham to do a Concert in Saudi Arabia for the second time

It is worth mentioning that the latest work of Sherine was the album “Nasai” which includes 12 songs, namely, “Nissai (نساي)”, “Bahebak Zaman”, “Ya Baya’en Al Sabr”, “My Double”, ” “The Words of His Eyes”, “Ya Reit – Needs”, “Zaman”, “Kaddabeen”, “Tayyib” and “Taj Ras”.