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Some of the best and beautiful Parks and Gardens in Dubai

There are many charming gardens in almost all parts of the UAE in general and they increses the beauty of Duabai. So, today we choses to show you some of the most beautiful gardens in Dubai.

Visit the most beautiful parks in Dubai, which will help you to discover some more than one aspect of the daily life of the UAE and discover the self relief from everyday’s hustle bustle of city by visiting these beautiful spots of the city.

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The most beautiful gardens in Dubai

There are many charming gardens almost all over the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, but we chose you to show the best:

The Garden of Miracles

The Garden of Miracles , Dubai Flower Garden

Dubai Flower Garden, or Miracle Garden is a wonderland garden that has successfully challenged the climate to be the miracle of the century.

Dubai Flower Garden excels in the outstanding gardens of Babylon in terms of techniques and numbers of flowers, with more than 45 million flowers.

The wonderful garden is decorated with natural colors in all seasons to be the most beautiful destination for all ages and all the time.

Butterflies Garden Dubai

Butterflies Garden Dubai

It is also one of the wonders of Dubai, where butterflies are seen around flowers and flowers in the form of dazzling butterflies.

The park is actually a unique meeting of the finest roses in the world and is a great source of knowledge for children of all ages.

Enjoy the splendor of charming roses all year round under or outside the glass dome because this garden is a touch of the fantasy world.

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park , Dubai Frame

This park is a symbol of modern gardens with a technological pole and a range of sports activities.

If you want to escape from the closed world of towers and residential areas, visit this park and enjoy life.

Safa Park

Safa Park

Safa Park, a wonderful garden is located near Burj Khalifa to enjoy the mix of natural trees and reinforced concrete trees.

This park is the best place to go out of the ordinary to see life from a different and more wonderful perspective.

Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park

Dubai Creek is one of the finest places in the UAE, where water meets the splendor of the towers and the elegance of the charming gardens.

Creek Park is the most unique garden, and the most enchanting if you want to walk around and see life how to wake up every day.

Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo

To discover nature in its most beautiful manifestations, and to discover the fascinating details in this metropolis you should visit the zoo.

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The park is a place that combines knowledge with adventure, with a more unique collection of rare animals in the world.

Crocodile Park

Dubai Crocodile Park

Is one of the most beautiful and rare gardens in the UAE, where many of the great crocodile species are gathered.

The park is a unique educational and entertainment destination for all groups so that your life is richer and more knowledgeable.


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