Steve Harvey Opens “MBC Hosts” at Dubai Lynx 2019


MBC has launched MBC Hosts, a platform that hosts dialogues with prominent international and local figures with valuable achievements, contributions and additions to discuss business opportunities and challenges.

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MBC Hosts is launching its first Dubai Lynx 2019, with Steve Harvey, who is specifically from Hollywood to Dubai to participate in the dialogue and is the entertainment geek, the Emmy award winner. Being a businessman, writer and editor of best-selling books and articles through The New York Times. In addition to being a radio star and inspiring lecturer and socially influential around the world. The forum will be moderated by Ali Gaber, General Manager of MBC Channels, which will discuss with the guest topics related to the entertainment sector, highlighting the “Power of Television”, its role as a media platform, and its ability to deliver unique, From one seminar to another.

Through its seminars, MBC Hosts aims to attract leading experts and professionals in various business sectors and discuss various issues related primarily to the relationship of leading brands to consumers, and the role played by the media and its platforms in shaping this relationship.

MBC Hosts includes 60-minute talk shows, which reveal the secrets and keys of their success and connect with the public. This allows the latter to benefit from their vast experience and practical advice, thus helping to present ideas and open new horizons that contribute to the Emerging and leading businesses in the region and around the world.

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The Dubai Linux Festival, which opens its first MBC Hosts seminar, will run from 10 to 13 this month. It will be titled “Creative Transitions” where its seminars will address issues such as: “Linking Creativity and Achievement” Digital and technological transformation “,” creative business “,” leveraging selected brand experiences “and” the future of the entertainment and marketing sector “.