Taking Selfies in Dubai could cost you AED500,000


You need to be careful with your selfies, as it can land you in big trouble worth Dh500,000.
While taking a selfie, what you are not accountable for is a stranger who happens to be in the background of it. Which has the complete right to sue you for the invasion of his privacy? And there is a law for it.

Lawyer Noura Saleh Al Hajri told Emarat Al Youm that in the last three years the number of such cases has increased rapidly.

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There are times when you are not even aware of the situation that you have taken someone in your photos, it may be unintentional but it doesn’t make it any less than a crime. You are still violating a persons privacy. As once the picture taken is uploaded to any social media platform.

Taking a photo of someone without having the consent now actually counts as a cybercrime. To prevent such situations, a law has been made. Where offenders can face six months of jail time and a heavy fine not less than a Dh500,000 or Dh1 million.

Law does not only apply to the person who has taken the photo but the person who has uploaded it on the computer network. The person who is an administrator or the owner of the website is equally responsible.

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This law has been made to assure the privacy of everyone. Nowadays through just a picture, a number of crimes are committed. For instance, blackmailing. There are cases registered regarding. There is no escape from technology these days, where it has brought a wealth of positive, smartphones and social media has a negative side as well.

If that person finds out about the invasion of their privacy, they have every right to drag you to the court. Expatriates are also deported, according to article no 42 of the law.