Taverna Greek Kitchen is now open at Souk Madinat Jumeirah


The Food Vend International chain of restaurants has unveiled the latest Taverna Greek Kitchen in the Madinat Jumeirah, where the new local restaurant serves the finest flavors and Mediterranean dishes.

The concept of the Taverna Greek Kitchen is a participatory style with a variety of light dishes such as cold dishes, salads, and appetizers. The exceptional menu includes a selection of culinary delicacies, topped by “Ksidato Octopus”, made from octopus cooked on a low flame, seasoned with vinegar, oregano, onion, salicornia, and pure olive oil, as well as classic Greek dishes such as Tzatziki, Taramosalata, and Athinaiki.

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The menu also offers a range of fresh seafood prepared on request. Guests can enjoy their meals either grilled on wood, baked or red with salt and lemon, served with a dish of fresh wild vegetables. The fish bar at the entrance to the restaurant boasts a wide variety of fresh fish such as the Laraque, the Suvérida, the Lizardi, the Sardinian, and the Scorpion. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Greek Souvlaki meat from veal, lamb or chicken, along with home-made homemade bread, wood-baked bake, Greek fries, and Tsatsiki salad served in Greek style.

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The menu includes the traditional dishes of Greek restaurants, such as the Musaka dish, which is the meat of the lamb grilled on low heat, served with homemade wood-fired pita bread, Greek fries and Tzatziki – cooked and served the Greek way. The restaurant offers desserts a variety of traditional Greek donuts, tiramisu with Greek coffee, a Pavlova cake with Greek yogurt, and many other delicious desserts.