This New Optical Illusion is the Most Viral Thing on Internet Today

This optical illusion causes you to suppose diamond is moving around screen

The optical illusion has gone viral on-line on internet, leaving several confused. A purple diamond, known as Perpetual Diamond, can make your brain suppose that the diamond is moving on the screen, although it stays utterly still.

The illusion is achieved with the assistance of a series of flashing lights behind the image that trick the brain into thinking the form is moving in totally different directions.

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The optical illusion was created by researchers Oliver Flynn and Arthur Shapiro from the American University in Washington DC, reports BBC.

It was shared on internet by Arthur Shapiro, who wrote: “The diamond remains fixed in one place but seems to maneuver up, down, left, or, right. See how far-off you can be from your screen before the effect goes away.”

Take a look at the Perpetual Diamond optical illusion below:

The researchers explained that the optical illusion is made due to the flashing grey background and the thin borders of the diamond.They said that the illusion is a “valuable tool for tests of spatial contrast, temporal contrast, contrast gain, and color contrast.”

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