Thumbay Group partners with E-commerce Giant


Thumbay Health Care Group on March 2 announced their new collaboration with, an e-commerce giant platform of Middle East, to strengthen its e-commerce presence within UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other GCC countries and Middle East markets.

For the first time ever, Thumbay Group entered in the digital market space through, allowing its entire range of healthcare products including optical and nutrition portfolios to be made available through an online platform and reach maximum consumers.

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The collaboration will see Thumbay retail division with the flag of Thumbay Pharmacy, NutriPlus Vita Store, Zo & Mo Opticals and Flower Shoppe, working closely with on getting the entire product range that includes Premium Skincare, Baby Care, Eyewear, Medical Equipment, and Nutrition products on the Noon marketplace, ensuring curated digital experience.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay, VP healthcare division and member of Thumbay Group board said, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Noon. Thumbay retail division has led the way in digital and this is a natural and significant transformation for us as we seek to reach e-commerce driven consumers.

“We want the digital expression of our brand to represent the very best in the brands and products we offer whether on our own platforms or through our partners and Noon customers can now access the full range of our products.”

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As part of the joint operating relationships, Thumbay and Noon will also explore joint ventures in marketing, lead the leps and bounds of the market and best practices sharing in a bid to help grow online shopping in the Gulf region.