TikTok Banned in India: The app is Removed from Android, iOS Play Stores


Google and Apple have removed the famous TikTok app from their respective play stores in India after the Government declared it to be completely banned.

The move came after India’s federal government sent a letter to companies asking for compliance with a state court order banning the famous video. India’s decision to encourage TikTok to make young child users vulnerable to sexual predators and take it as a preventive approach.

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India is the largest application market TikTok, which is now spreading in the Arab countries, and the application was loaded more than 240 million times in India only.

TikTok India said in a statement that it had more than 120 million active users per month and would not be affected by the removal of the app from Google Play Store.

TikTok has been a great success, but like other social media platforms, it is struggling to curb the spread of toxic content. Earlier this year, the US Federal Trade Commission imposed $ 5.7 million on privacy violations for children.

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TikTok tried to correct the errors but accidentally deleted the user accounts. At the same time, China called for short video applications such as TikTok to be responsible for user upload content.

In response to the concerns raised in India, TikTok has removed more than six million videos that violate our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, but according to our sources, this step confirms the application’s involvement in publishing adult videos.