Top 5 Dating Apps for Arabs to Find True Love


Arabs, especially the new generation, often try to free themselves from the habits of their conservative societies. One of the things they are trying to overcome is the idea of ​​arranged marriage and the difficulty of mixing between the sexes in many Arab countries. Therefore, some use applications on their smartphones, which help them identify people who may be their future partners. What are the most widespread applications in the Arab world?


Perhaps the most widespread application in the Arab world, with more than 120 thousand users from Arab countries and Arab communities in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Founded by Sharif Omar from Egypt, similar to similar global applications, in terms of the features and characteristics it offers. The app brings together thousands of different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities, and focuses on bringing together two similar people. In more than two years, more than 500 success stories have been recorded among its users. This app is available free of charge on Android and Apple devices.

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Salamz, is an idea pioneered by Malaysian business pioneer Homam Alghonami, the founder of Rocket Tech in 2014, to be the latest dating application in the Arab and Islamic world. The name of the application comes from the word peace with love to keep pace with the times. This name has been used because in this application “You will find love and peace”. Application users are distributed to all Arab countries and to Muslim communities around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, and Jordan. It is currently only available on Android devices.


The pioneer of Russian business, Arsen Kazibekov, aspires to become the first application considered as halal, meaning that he complies with all Islamic standards and is supported by Muslim rulers and clerics. A study by his team found that more than 55% of users of similar applications worldwide come from Islamic countries or conservative countries. Therefore, this application was created as a substitute for people who care about religious and traditional beliefs in conservative societies. This service is available free of charge on iOS and Android devices, with non-mandatory updates of $ 7.

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Founded by Cédéric Maalouf after a love experience in France, he failed after 3 years to become the first dating site in the Arab world, and then move on to smartphones. This application is developed with the help of engineers and marital relations experts and is based on an advanced analysis of the user’s personality. From the bright Arab world to the Maghreb, this application is used by more than 40 thousand people, 40% of them are in Saudi Arabia, and 40% in Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco. The other 20% are from different countries. This app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play.


Was founded by two young Armenians working in Dubai as an alternative to the Tinder World application, which was banned in the UAE in January 2015 because it violates the requirements of e-governance in the UAE. This application works in the same way as Tinder, the world’s first application with more than 50 million users from all the world and Arab countries. Jeltee aims to help foreigners who have moved to the UAE recently to meet new people to spend time. This app is only available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and on Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices.