Pakistan’s First Electric Car Company ‘Topsun Motors’ opens Showroom in Lahore

topsun motors electrical cars in pakistan

On Sunday, Pakistan launched its very first Electric Car Company Showroom. The launch took place in Lahore, the provincial Minister of Punjab for housing, urban development, and public health engineering Mian Muhammad Rasheed also attended the ceremony. Malik Riaz the managing director of Topsun Motors also marked its presence at the event.

Malik Riaz Topsun Motors

The venture came to pass as a result of a collaboration between China and Pakistan. China had provided its complete support in introducing the new company in Pakistan which will ensure the availability of electric cars in the country.

China and Pakistan motor company electric cars

The Minister also much appreciated the efforts of its neighboring country in helping Pakistan move forward in terms of technological advancement.

He also added that it will also help the country in strengthening its terms with China.

Topsun Motors introduced 4 models that include a hatchback and three models of JMC. Pakistan’s first electric car company has introduced 1000cc Zyote’s Z100 hatchback in the local industry. The company has also introduced JMC Single Cabin which is also available.

The electric version Zyote Z100 Plus is already available in the international market.

Zyote Z100 price in pakistan

According to the officials of the company, it will launch the electric version of Zyote Z100 which will be the same as the engine-based model with a slight change in its shape.


The booking of these vehicles is open and are available at the following prices:

• Zyote Z100 PKR 1,490,000/-
• JMC Single Cabin PKR 2,950,000/-
• JMC Double Cabin PKR 3,950,000/-
• JMC Vigus 2.4-litre PKR 5,015,000/-

These vehicles are engine-based and the above-mentioned prices are inclusive of withholding tax.

The price might vary considering the calculation of taxes after the electric vehicle policy gets implemented.


The current model of Zyote Z100 is based on 1000cc engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. In the second phase, the company will also bring the automatic version of Z100.

Zyote Z100 interior pakistan specification features

The launched models are completely built units (CBU) imported by the company.

JMC Single Cabin price in pakistan

The electric version of Zyote Z100 will cover around 300 km on a single battery charge.

jmc interior specification features price in pakistan

Environment Sustainability

As part of the Prime Ministers’ vision, Pakistan aims to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere by bringing electric cars in the country as now Pakistan currently stands at an alarming position on the global air index rankings.

The cabinet had recently given formal approval for the first National Electric Vehicle Policy (NECP) of Pakistan.

In the initial phase, 30% of the cars in the country are aimed to be shifted to electric by the year 2030. According to the Adviser to the Prime Minister, Malik Amin Aslam, the country will save $2 billion in the annual oil import bill by converting it to electric cars in the future. Moreover, the adverse effects of emissions from combustion engine vehicles will also be reduced by shifting to electric mobility.

Therefore, the government aims to shift to electric mobility and in the first phase, motorbikes and 3-wheelers will be shifted to batteries. The advisory further revealed the Electric Motorcycle and Rickshaw manufacturing company will soon be launched in Pakistan.

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