Toyota RAV4 2020 Price in Dubai, Specifications, Features

Toyota Rav4 2020 fifth generation of RAV4 unveiled

The fifth generation of the RAV4, a modern multi-use compact sport, is once again ready to make a quantum leap through a new era of performance, capacity and enhanced safety and at a price ranging from AED 81,500 to AED 125,000.

In an effort to meet Toyota‘s promise of modern vehicles that meet customer expectations and more, Mohammed Nasser Al Sayer & Sons, a member of Al-Sayer Holding Group, has organized a press conference to launch the all-new RAV4, a stylish, compact SUV. The fifth generation of the RAV4, a modern multi-use compact sport, is once again ready to make a quantum leap through a new era of performance, capacity and enhanced safety.

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Toyota continues its journey to make better cars than before. As you all know, the year 2018 was full of events including the launch of the new Camry, Rush, and Avalon, thanks to the support of our loyal customers. 2018 was the year Toyota announced its vision of becoming a mobility company.

This announcement came in the context of Toyota’s sponsorship of the Special Olympics in Tokyo 2020. This vision is as important as “Start with the impossible”. It’s inspiring words, is not it? It is through this extraordinary slogan that Toyota tells us – when you have freedom of movement, everything is possible.

Crucially, the all-new Toyota RAV4 redefines this class by delivering more athletic performance and versatility while enhancing agility, daily driving comfort, and more fuel efficiency. The all-new vehicle is designed to launch in a variety of adventures on different roads to deliver reliable performance both inside and outside cities.

Despite its strong appearance and the unique capabilities of its new four-wheel drive system, the new vehicle is more quiet and smooth in driving, with new touches that enhance comfort in the interior.

The electric hybrid is one of the two main additions to the all-new RAV4, combining two energy sources: a petrol engine and two electric motors. This flagship model has an exceptional fuel efficiency of 22.2 km / l.

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The second addition is the Advancer, which has been developed as a symbolic model to meet the needs of customers looking for a more interesting driving experience by adding more enthusiasm and adventure. The model is equipped with a front grille, bolder bumper, fog lights and arches Larger wheels, more sporty suspensions, and exclusive 19-inch wheels with five ribs and black gloss separators.

Commenting on the launch of the new vehicle, Yoshikazu Saiki, Chief Engineer of the Toyota RAV4, said: “The Toyota RAV4 continues to have a strong presence until 25 years after its launch, winning loyal fans around the world, thanks to The company is constantly developing its vehicles to meet the changing needs of customers.”

“We are very excited about the launch of the all-new Toyota RAV4 in the region, which will set new standards in the compact SUV category,” said Yugo Miyamoto, Principal Representative, Toyota Middle East, and North Africa.

Exterior of RAV4

The new Toyota Rav4 2020 presents more avant-garde lines inspired by the solidity and audacity of an octagon. This is how a more striking and contemporary view looks.

On the front, there is a new design on the grille, LED fog lights with a more urban touch and wider fenders that perfectly cover the 18-inch light alloy wheels.

Also, this beauty is available in 9 tones, to pamper even the most demanding style tastes. Everything with a wider, higher and more robust aspect.


Inside: luxury and comfort

What we all expect in an SUV of this caliber is to have all the power of the road at hand and with the greatest possible comfort; that’s precisely what the Rav4 2020 offers.

Then, this new version offers more space than its predecessors, with a fully reclining rear seat and at the same time folding to provide the greatest adventure options.

Also, more intuitive options in the controls with the latest technology and systems, including an 8-inch touch screen.

In addition, the revolutionary rearview mirror that has been converted into a digital screen with the camera’s image placed in the rear window, for a better perspective of what goes on behind.

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The power is carried in Engine

The Toyota Rav4 2020 truck is a marvel of engineering; its engine up to 2.5L develops about 203 horsepower.

In addition, it has an automatic 8-speed box that improves the feeling when accelerating.

The most difficult and even unpaved roads are conquered with the redesigned suspension, which includes improved rebound and damping control.

All with the confidence of the seal of quality and prestige of the Toyota brand worldwide.

Safety Features

Safety features As with all Toyota models, safety remains one of the top priorities of the all-new Toyota Rav-4. The safety system is integrated with Toyota Safety Sense’s advanced safety features, including the PCS, The DRCC radar system, the LTA trajectory, the LDA exit system and the AHB.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a range of comprehensive safety features that provide maximum protection for passengers, such as 7 SRS airbags, VSC, TRC, ABS, distribution system Electronic Brake Force (EBD), BA Brake Assist, EPB, BSM, ACA, RCTA, and DAC.