Toyota unveils Supra 2020 in Detroit 2019


Toyota officially unveiled its new Supra 2020 during the Detroit 2019 International Motor Show. The company introduced the 6-cylinder 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, the same engine as the BMW Z4, but with less power, the Z4 delivers power up to 382 hp while the same engine power in the Subra model is only 335 hp.

In addition to the engine, the car is equipped with an automatic transmission of 8 gears, which gives the car the ability to accelerate from the stability to reach 100 km per hour in a time of 4.1 seconds and the possibility of acceleration to a maximum speed of 250 km per hour.

The car has some features similar to the model FT-1 demo, which relies on it and show those features in the design of headlights in addition to the rear lights and dispersion made of carbon fiber, in addition to the similarity of the roof of the two cars beside the ES-boiler in the back and lighting the brakes at the back while highlighting the difference The main between the two cars in terms of design in the lack of supra to the shape of the nose provided extended length as in the FT-1.

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The Supra has been equipped with a distinctive indoor lounge with many facilities such as an iPad-like entertainment system as well as digital iDrive tuners in the console and digital meters on the dashboard. The weight of the car is evenly distributed between the front and back, and a multi-link rear suspension and double-front suspension. The company said the car will be launched in 3 versions, including launch version Launch Edition, which will provide the company only 1500 copies.