UAE based Comedy Vlogger, Khalid Al Ameri visits Pakistan

khalid al ameri visiting pakistan

The Arab-American influencer, Khalid Al-Ameri, heads to Pakistan and is completely in love with the country as he covers scenic locations on his Instagram.

The UAE based Vlogger was “in love” with the hospitality and welcome that Pakistan gave to him. He took to Instagram to document his travels across the country. He said, ”I’ve fallen in love with Pakistan, the people and the country are incredible mashAllah, Pakistan Zindabad! 🇵🇰💚🇦🇪”

With over 840,000 followers on Instagram, Ameri is famous for the comedic sketches along with his beautiful wife Salama Mohamed.

Sporting a traditional outfit, Ameri visited the famous mosque, Faisal Masjid in Islamabad. He also visited the snow covered Nathia Gali touring the northern region of Pakistan while enjoying the regions famous “chai” and also building a snowman with the locals. He said, in his stories, “We’re here in Nathia Gali, in the beautiful province of KP. Look at how beautiful it is.”

In Islamabad Ameri held a meet and greet with his fans in a local café. He also tasted some local classics like “Mutton Karahi” in the capital.

Ameri previously made a video in efforts to dilute the tensions between Pakistan and India using hashtag
#SayNoToWar. He said “Let’s all come together and say “No To War”, I pray for peace and understanding between the two countries today and always inshAllah.”

On Friday Ameri was honoured with a meeting with the President Of Pakistan, Dr.Khalid Alvi. He said, “Loving and hospitable are the words I would use to describe the people of Pakistan” @dr.arifalvi, President of Pakistan 🇵🇰”.

Ameri who now has 2.3 million followers on Facebook has done MBA from Stanford University. He is from a Scottish-Emirati background and credits his grounded nature to his upbringing.