80% staff of Dubai’s private sector to work remotely, government to start from March 29

80% staff of Dubai's private sector to work remotely, government to start from March 29

On Wednesday, Dubai Economy made the announcement that all private sector establishments to were to start a work-from-home scheme for 80 per cent of their employees as part of precautionary measures to protect the public from the spread of coronavirus.

The Dubai Economy directive is to be followed starting — Wednesday, March 25 — to Thursday, April 9.

“Dubai Economy, as the authority regulating business in the emirate, directs all private sector companies and commercial establishments, excluding pharmacies, co-operative societies, grocery stores and supermarkets to adhere to implementing remote work system for 80% of their employees, from today to Thursday April 9,” a statement by the government body said.

Pharmacies, grocery stores, supermarkets and cooperative societies are exempt from the directive according to the Dubai Economy.

Further exemptions include:

  • Health sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Food Retail outlets (including animal feed)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Construction, Contracting and Building Materials
  • Security Services
  • Logistics & Delivery Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Workshop
  • Cleaning Services
  • Cash transport
  • Banking sector

Schools, shopping malls, public beaches and much more has already been closed in the whole UAE. The UAE as a whole has reported 333 confirmed cases of the virus, with 2 deaths and 52 recoveries.