UAE ranked as global leader in Fiber Optic Network


The UAE ranked first in the world for the highest penetration rate of fiber optic home network for the third year in a row, according to a report released yesterday by the World Council of Fiber Optic Home, surpassing Singapore, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The announcement underscores Etisalat’s leadership in fiber optic network penetration worldwide, which is a new standard in the telecommunications industry. Today, Etisalat is the cornerstone of the company’s long-term strategy of enabling and advancing digital transformation.

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Etisalat has set up AED 4 billion for 2019 to continue to invest in the modernization of mobile and fiber optic networks and the development of high-capacity infrastructure at all levels to launch innovative services capable of meeting the growing and changing needs of Etisalat customers across the country.

With Etisalat’s ambitious strategy of “driving the digital future to empower communities,” Etisalat is the key to enabling digital transformation for its customers. Etisalat is constantly focused on investing in innovation, next-generation technologies, and services to enhance the network’s capabilities and enrich the customer experience.

The importance of the fiber optic network to the individual sector is the ability to enhance the capabilities of many future technologies such as enhanced reality, robots and artificial intelligence, as well as take advantage of the speeds and high capacity required by the applications of virtual reality and modern digital games, and enjoy watching high-definition video and others.

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The fiber optic network is also driving the pace of digital business transformation by enabling cloud computing and the Internet as well as advanced solutions, technologies, and applications. Which will enhance future capabilities at all levels, while at the same time emphasizing Etisalat’s pivotal role in enabling digital transformation.