UAE Residents Bought Spaceflight worth $250,000

UAE Residents to travel

Mind-boggling news has finally been made official, UAE residents have bought a ticket for space tourism. Justifying Ariana Grande’s  “I like it, I Get It” song.

Virgin Galactic space tourism flight tickets have been purchased by Expats and Emirates, the 90 minutes flight will expectedly cost $250,000 is all set to send its first batch of space tourists to sub-orbit next year.

A third of  Virgin Galactic is owned by Mubadala-An Abu Dhabi based firm

On Sunday, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and the Prime Minister Of UAE and The Ruler Of Dubai signed the spacesuit.

The suit has a primary layer for regulations and comforts. With vast personalization features, a communication button to stay reachable to other astronauts on board and the pilot, space boots, mission patch, and UAE’s flag are all fixed in the futuristic spacesuit. Suits were displayed at the Air Show this year as well.

In an interview, Aleanna Crane-Head of Communication at Virgin Galactic reported:

“We have just over 600 customers signed up for our flights and they represent 60 countries. One of the countries represented is the UAE, some of them are from Dubai.
This is a very engaged region and there’s a lot of interest in the space sector”

Encouraging the demographic diversity of the UAE customers, she said:

“It’s a massively diverse group and they represent different countries.”

Did you know? A space sport is built in New Mexico for the flight launches and one will soon be under development at Al-Ain.

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