UAE, Saudi Arabia among Top Travel Destinations for Arabs

UAE, Saudi Arabia among Top Travel Destinations for Arabs

According to’s Hotel Price Index (HPI) report, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are categorized among the top holiday destinations for Arab travelers in 2017.

The report showed that Turkey has been on top of the list as the most popular holiday destination for Arab travelers among the countries followed by the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Thailand, USA, UK, Malaysia, France and Germany.

The report also showed that accommodation prices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia have declined up to 4% and 9%.

The Vice President Isabelle Pinson, Europe, Middle East and Africa for said that “Although hotel prices rose for travelers globally in 2017. Arab travelers enjoyed great value for money in the UAE, KSA Thailand and USA due to the decrease in daily room rates in these destinations.”

The President of Johan Svanstrom said that “The slight increase in average accommodation prices globally combined with numerous markets having record visitor growth, signals a strong travel economy and a growing desire from consumers to experience the world.”