Vloggers Khalid Al-Ameri and Salama visit to Kerala, India

Vloggers Khalid Al-Ameri and Salama visit to Kerala, India

Recently the Arab social influencer, Khalid Al-Ameri, headed to Kerala along with his wife Salama. The social media celebrity couple recently took to Instagram and posted their arrival in Kerala, they said: We have just landed in Kerala! Salama and I are so excited to explore this beautiful Indian state and its deep history with the UAE! 🇮🇳❤️🇦🇪

The first thing that the couple can be seen doing is sipping on some tea chai in small glasses and having an amazing day at it. But this is not just your “another cup of tea”, rather it is the tea from the elderly couple who recently made headlines internationally for globetrotting with the money they save by selling tea and snacks. The elderly couple owns ‘Sree Balaji Coffee House’ in Kochi.

Speaking to over phone from Kochi, Khalid said it was an amazing experience to meet the couple running a ‘pure’ family business.

khalid al ameri and salama in karela
Image Credit: Gulf News

“To see them as a couple, together even after so many years, complementing each other was really great. Both have passion for their work and they are passionate about Kerala and travel. We are here to meet people like them who are showing the culture of Kerala.” A jubilant Vijayan said he and Mohana “loved having our brother Khalid and sister Salama from the UAE come and visit us.”

“Having travelled to about 24 countries, we felt right at home while in the UAE. It’s amazing how tea unites our two countries,” added the tea-seller bit by the travel bug whose trip to Dubai two years ago was also reported in Gulf News.

With over 840,000 followers on Instagram, Ameri is famous for the comedic sketches along with his beautiful wife Salama Mohamed.

The couple has collaborated with “Visit Kerala” and are shooting their local experiences at various locations in Kerala.

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Image Credit: Gulf News

A Meet and Greet Opportunity:

Excited to meet their fans, the couple has planned a meet and greet with fans in Kerala apart from their scheduled trip activities:

“Salama and I are so excited to be in Kerala. The warm welcome and support that we’ve received from you all has been absolutely beautiful, so we want to thank each and every one of you in person for welcoming us home to Kerala,” he posted on the Facebook event invite.

“It’ absolutely, gorgeous, beautiful and refreshing,” Khalid told Gulf News about his trip that began on Friday. “I feel I am not in another country. I feel this is an extension of my home country.”

khalid al ameri in indian clothes with salama
Image Credit: Gulf News

“There are so many Keralites in the UAE. So many people have told me you need to go to Kerala. When I reached here, I feel I remind them of someone they know. Today I am dressed in my national clothes and people are greeting me with assalamu alaikum, and [shouting] hello Abu Dhabi…Dubai…”

A full length is expected to be posted soon in which the couple will document their Kerala adventures for their fans.