Volkswagen launches new Volkswagen Touareg 2019


Volkswagen has introduced a new design in black for the Touareg SUV 2019. This package is available as an optional R-Line option.

The all-new Touareg continues its leadership with its advanced technology and state-of-the-art systems for communication, comfort, information, and entertainment.

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The black Touareg is decorated with black-colored decorative touches on the side windows, black mirrors for black mirrors, black roof bars, black R-rings, black-trimmed air vents, glossy black headlamps, and Suzuka Alloy Wheels The 21-inch black optional is made of mixed metal, giving the Touareg more exclusivity.

The all-new Touareg is equipped with a wide range of systems including Night Vision, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Assist, Front Assist, Rear and Rear Warning System, Windshield Information System, LED, and electric back door.

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The Touareg also features an innovative cockpit, which includes a 15-inch “Discover Premium” navigation system and a 12.3-inch Active Info Display.