Volkswagen Passat 2020 Launches with New Design in Detroit 2019


Unlike other US automakers who have decided to leave sedans and focus on SUVs, Volkswagen has decided to continue the sedan following the introduction of the new Passat model in the US market through the Detroit 2019 show. Compared to the previous model, the new Passat It comes with bolder design, technology updates, more driver assistance and easier to use.

The Passat is the only medium-sized sedan in the US market that comes at a low price with its dynamic driving experience while at the same time offering the comfort, reliability and driving dynamics, said Volkswagen chief executive North Dakota.

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“Passat has taken a new step to improve design and technology development to make its car more attractive while providing more help in the car,” he said. Although the design of the car has changed completely but is still dependent on the old construction base, the new shape of the car came in a closed design to the cube with a streamlined design of the roof and elegant sharp lines and a prominent ventilation network gives the car a bolder design.

The car also features high-performance LED headlamps, LED backlights and a prominent Passat logo on the rear of the car, and 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch aluminum wheels. The car comes with the same 2-liter TSI engine with a turbocharged 174 hp with increased torque thanks to the new torque distribution system and new engine software as the power is sent to the front wheels of the vehicle via a sequential transmission.

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Inside, the car offers a spacious cabin with an upgraded design, digital meters, horizontal design and ventilation openings that allow air to flow through the dashboard with a touch screen for the entertainment system and new luxurious interior colors for the upgraded cabin.