W Dubai – The Palm Dubai: Hotel Review and Updated Prices


The stunning design of the W Dubai-The Palm Hotel combines the natural curves of the sand dunes and the coastline with the marvels of the city’s skyscrapers. The iconic W icon, designed like a dry desert river, The WHEELS motorway area reminds us of an ancient cavern river covered by palm fronds.

Guests can feast on the popular continental food inside the lifeboats and rowing boats, which have been transformed into places to eat, and can choose flavors from the gelato van. W hotels make it a luxury and well-being experience for couples. The guests will dine in a wonderland-style lounge inspired by the 1960s, equipped with woven green seats and huge waterfront portraits, with boldly decorated ceilings and walls. The lighting reminds us of the dressing rooms and tents of the Golden Hollywood era.

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The professional ice skater Akira Pak, who has become a high-class chef, turns his famous dishes for the first time in the Middle East at his restaurant Akira Pak, which mixes contemporary Japanese cuisine with Korean spirit. At the entrance of the whirlpool, the restaurant aims to transport visitors to the world of Akira Pak. The interior design is inspired by Wabi Sabi. Japanese art is meant to find beauty in imperfections and to accept the course of natural development in growth and lifecycle. The walls of the Akira Pak restaurant are decorated with pieces of broken Chinese porcelain, arranged on the concrete shaped wall.

The gallery is especially inspired by the vibrant spirit of Miami. Guests can watch the sunset in the Arabian Gulf and 360-degree views of the glittering Dubai skyline every night. Management organizes live concerts for song coordinators and creative cocktails, as well as temporary tattoo artists, making this venue unparalleled in Dubai.

The restaurants offer more varied, lighter and healthier options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with their recipes using organic materials. The restaurant is decorated with artwork inspired by the sand crab patterns on the beaches, and this animal is the symbol of the W Dubai – The Palm.

The W Dubai-The Palm offers travelers a grand opening event: Visit the hotel until December 2019. Book a room for 2 nights or more and get upgraded to a stunning room with unmatched views of the city. Enjoy breakfast at the Leaf restaurant, enjoy an afternoon tea in the W Lounge, then head for an unrivaled dinner for two at Akira Pak Restaurant. 2 nights is the minimum stay, at a price of AED 1750 (approximately USD 447) per night.

Guests enter the hotel through a doorway with a floor of Orgonite tile, a glass inspired by giant plants, reflecting the golden sun on the horizon. The reception is surrounded by a five-story hall reminiscent of desert castles and fortresses dating back years. The golden stilts, made up of boxes framed throughout the place, sparkle various stages of Dubai’s contemporary construction, a common sight in the ever-changing city of Dubai, as well as carpets depicting the waters around the island, reflecting both construction and clouds. The large entrance is ​​a high visual vector that represents a W-shaped sound wave. This monumental 640-piece monument is a masterpiece in itself, shimmering in varying colors and degrees, in a way that harmonizes with the music of the song coordinators in the “W”.

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The W Lounge is a theater that is worth seeing and reflects the city’s love of luxury through several engineering installations that mimic the rough and natural shape of gold. A traditional fire-lighting stove is set in the middle of the reception hall to illustrate the importance of the fireplace that the Bedouin tribes used to gather around as they roamed the desert years ago. Between the W reception hall and the adjacent VIP lounge, a quiet 13.5-meter-long sofa-bed represents a desert mountain range which looks like old skyscrapers.