WhatsApp Stories Advertising, to be the Next Big Thing in Digital

WhatsApp ads coming, here take a look on them
WhatsApp ads coming, here take a look on them

Since its establishment in 2009, WhatsApp has been a great success for two people who worked for Yahoo. This was a great success because of its free messaging and messaging services, as well as being supported by many platforms such as Windows, Mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry.

According to Sky News, Facebook, the owner of the application, will begin to publish ads on the application of WhatsApp for text messaging, owned in months, in a move to take advantage of the commercial platform.

WhatsApp-Ads Coming
WhatsApp ads coming, here take a look on them

Facebook said it would allow ads to be posted on WhatsApp‘s application in early 2020, in an effort to tap into a large number of participants in the application to promote products and marketing.

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Half Billion Users

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has more than a billion and a half billion people, but the decision was not welcomed by many users of the application, who consider the ads to be “inconvenience”.

Facebook announced the move during its annual marketing conference in the Netherlands this week, where a slide show showed how the ads would look in the application, according to the technology website “BGR”.

Matt Navarra, a social networking specialist, posted on his Twitter account a picture showing ads covering the whole screen while the app was running.

Facebook had earlier announced that it would launch advertising service on the application of Watsab this year, but that was delayed amid the lack of widespread welcome from users of the application.

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Facebook said the ads would not be in private conversations but would be displayed in the register or in the stories and cases section.

Social networks provide free services to users, in exchange for their data and the development of algorithms, based on their interests; in order to provide appropriate ads to them.