White Club in Saudi Arabia: Ne-Yo to Perform on Opening

The opening of a disco in Jeddah is causing discontent and ridicule in Saudi Arabia
The opening of White Club created controversy

A wave of criticism and ridicule swept the social networking sites in Saudi Arabia, after the General Authority for Entertainment announced the opening of the first nightclub of a famous chain “The White Club” in Jeddah.

Observers believe that Saudi Arabia has known some openness and freedom since the arrival of Mohammed bin Salman to the circles of power, compared to the past, after the announcement of a number of reforms and the establishment of entertainment, which opened the role of cinema for the first time in the Kingdom, and organized for the concerts is the first of its kind.

WHITE Dubai opening an ‘High-end cafe, lounge’ in Saudi Arabia

The latest project was the opening of the White Night Club, which has clubs in both Dubai and Beirut.

The nightclub will be the number 16 in this brand store, known for its loud concerts far from Arab traditions and Islamic religion, according to a number of activists who followed the announcement with great shock.

The controversy over the nightclub was a talk in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a number of people expressed their dissatisfaction, especially as the city of Jeddah adjacent to the city of Mecca, which is the kiss of Muslims.

To justify the opening of the nightclub, the company’s regional communications manager, Serge Tarrad, told the BBC: “This club is in line with all Saudi regulations and will be temporarily open at the annual Jeddah Festival. It will not be called a “clubhouse” but a “cafe”, according to the agency “Sputnik”.

The club is promoted as a “respectable” pub and does not serve alcoholic beverages and has a “bar Halal” unlike other casinos.

Saudis, however, see it as a decline and departure from money in a country known to be conservative and following Islamic teachings, where the large-scale circulation of the scribes has been hailed by a number of criticisms and denials.

While other composers are cynical and ironic about the “contradictions” that the club project is trying to gather, such as “Family Disco” and “Bar Halal”, and circulating these traumas and shocking videos with a comic label under the name #نايت_كلوب.

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