World’s Most Expensive Perfume ‘Shumukh’ comes to Dubai


After 3 years of working and 494 attempts, the perfume developed by one of the UAE’s renowned perfume designers came at an estimated cost of AED 4.752 million for a bottle of over 3,500 radiant diamonds weighing 38.55 carats, plus a set of gemstones such as yellow sapphires and pearls, On two kilograms of 18 carat gold, and 5 kilograms of pure silver, and named that unique perfume “Shumukh”

The 1.97-meter luxury perfume bottle contains a fragrance made from the finest natural ingredients. Manufacturers confirm that the fragrance can last 12 hours for the skin and up to 30 days for the clothes.

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Record Breaking

The high price of “Shumukh” nominates by Dubai to achieve another new record for Guinness Book of Records records as the most expensive fragrance costing $ 205,000 or AED 752,000 for a 500-milliliter bottle. Clive Christian, “which was launched in November 2005.

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The spirit of Dubai

Asghar Adam Ali, the new perfume innovator and chairman and chief designer of Nabil Perfumes Group, points out that the name “Shumuk”, which is distinctive and expressive, comes in recognition of the “spirit of Dubai.”

“My vision is not only to embody Dubai’s character in one of the works of art but to create a fragrance that takes pride in the world of perfumes,” says Ali.

The Dubai Fashion Hall allows people to enjoy the fragrance between March 14 and 30.