10 Best Diwali Gifts For Your Family and Friends

Alps Leather Backpack Nappa Dori

The festival of lights brings an auspicious occasion in everyone’s calendar which goes beyond a day and spans over an entire season of celebration. Diwali offers us the perfect opportunity to share our joy with our friends, family, and colleagues through ideal Diwali gifts. These gifts perfectly capture the love and fondness we have for the people around us and thoughtfully express the prevailing festive mood of every household during the festive season.

Thus, to help you collect the essence of this festive mood, we have curated a list of traditional Diwali gifts that will complement your Diwali celebrations seamlessly. Each one of the featured gifts is meticulously handcrafted by Indian craftsmen to offer you the best Diwali gifts for your friends and family. 

Handmade Diwali Gifts For Your Friends & Family

1. Alps Leather BackpackAlps Leather Backpack Nappa Dori

The Alps Leather Backpack makes a very useful Diwali gift that your friends and family will love to use on all their business trips and intercity commutes. Boasting a genuine leather frame handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, this genuine leather backpack will offer them a utility unmatched by any other and a style that will fit their character.

2. Steamer Suitcase

Designed for all hasty or awaited escapades, the Steamer Luggage offers your loved ones the perfect travel accessory for their homecoming Diwali celebrations. This lightweight carry-on luggage blends ideal functionality with uncompromising style to provide you with a sturdy and practical Diwali gift option. 

3. Cheese Knife Kit

With a Cheese Knife Kit as a Diwali gift, you can give your friends and family an exquisite home item to polish their cooking skills. This combination of three essential tools is hand-forged entirely in brass and rolled up in canvas to allow anyone to serve cheese delicacies with effortless ease.

4. F Tray Set

Give a touch of peerless sophistication to their daily chores. This set of F Trays will bring an unmatched style to your loved one’s homeware collection along with an ideal utility. The decorative tray set is handcrafted and powder coated in sheet metal with genuine leather details, offering an effortless serve every single time.

5. Quad 02

Fundamentally designed in the shape of a rectangular block, the Quad 02 will offer incomparable companionship to your loved one’s outings and street walks. This handcrafted leather bag offers an easy storage option through its neat compartment and pockets, making it an ideal Diwali gift for everyone. 

6. Robusta Terracotta Cups

The Robusta Terracotta Cups will enable your hosts or guests to celebrate Diwali along with their love for coffee. These handmade coffee cups draw a geometric inspiration from the Bauhaus Movement. Their ceramic body will certainly nurture your loved one’s daily morning routine while providing a contemporary character to their setting. 

7. Grand Candle Stand

Inspired by the Bauhaus Movement, the Grand Candle Stand is a statement of grandeur that will treat their living space with a distinct visual experience. The brass candle stand has an elaborate design that evokes both modern minimalism and ideal utility, suitable for a timeless Diwali gift for their home decor.

8. Pillar Candles

Give them a gift that will enhance the aura of their home and accommodate the festive mood. These scented Pillar Candles will invite a welcoming fragrance that will last for days, helping you or the people on your gifting list unwind from the day’s weariness. These scented soy-wax candles are available in traditional notes and varied sizes to match each taste.

9. Griffith Desk Lamp

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement, the Griffith Desk Lamp offers the perfect design to make a flawless Diwali gift for friends and family. This desk lamp is hand-forged in steel and aluminum to bring a hint of elegance to any interior or exterior decor. It is adorned with brass and leather details and comes ready to light any corner.

10. Untold Safe Book

The Untold Safe Book is designed and disguised as a normal book that holds a metal safe within to keep all those “untold stories” safe. This secret book will be the perfect Diwali gift item for everyone who wants to conceal their secret from a snoopy crowd and keep them guessing forever.