All places of worship to suspend Prayer gatherings in UAE

All places of worship to suspend Prayer gatherings in UAE

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE) said late on Monday that prayers at mosques and all other places of worship across the country will be suspended for four weeks in UAE.

The decision to suspend prayers in mosques, chapels, places of worship and their facilities will be reviewed after four
weeks from now.

Based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health Prevention and the Fatwa of the Emirates Fatwa Council, this decision has come as part of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the UAE against coronavirus, COVID- 19, in coordination with the federal and local religious and health authorities.

Authorities called on residents to comply with the directive to protect themselves and others. According to a fatwa issued by the country’s Fatwa Council: “Anyone who suffers from or is suspected to have this disease is forbidden by the Sharia to be in public places, or to go to the mosque to attend congregational prayers, Friday, or Eid,” said the fatwa.
Only the unified Azan (call for prayer), shall be turned on, while the mosques doors shall remain closed, quoted authorities as saying.

“The words ‘pray at home’ shall be repeated twice after the end of the Azan.” “Iqama (standing for prayers) shall not be voiced in the loudspeakers,” they added. As for the five daily prayers, everyone is urged to pray home”.

The call that signals the start of a prayer won’t be made. Ablution halls at mosques will also be closed. “The situation on the current Covid-19 pandemic will be reassessed after four weeks.”

Several churches in the UAE had announced temporary closures and the suspension of Mass starting March 12 to curb the spread of Covid-19. The UAE announced 12 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Sunday, taking the total number of cases recorded in the country to 98.

Meanwhile, a total of 26 individuals have recovered, officials have announced.