Beit Al Khair to distribute 30,000 free Iftar meals daily in Ramadan

Beit Al Khair to distribute 30,000 free Iftar meals daily in Ramadan

Serving meals to thousands of Muslims observing fasts in the month of Ramadan last year, Beit Al Khair Society has announced a total of 900,000 free Iftar meals will be distributed.

The extensive drive including Iftar meals and providing packages of food and other essentials will be for poor workers, low-income people, and passersby during Ramadan this year.

This year, the Ramadan campaign to be held under the theme of ‘They Hasten To Good Deeds’, will be targeted towards providing for the disadvantaged members of the Muslim society so that they can too have a blessed Ramadan in the Emirates.

“We are all set to distribute 30,000 Iftar meals on a daily basis at the Iftar tents,” said Abdeen Taher Al Awadhi, director-general, of the Beit Al Khair Society, on Monday while launching the Ramadan campaign under the theme: ‘They hasten to good deed’. “Each meal consists of fresh rice with meat or chicken, dates, fruit, water and milk.”

They updated on social media saying: Beit Al Khair “launches its Ramadan campaign”, ‘They Hasten To Good Deeds’.

They also released teaser for their Ramadan Campaign.

“Over 705,000 free Iftar meals, worth Dh6.7 million, were served in 45 tents and Iftar centres, while Dh12 million were spent on Ramadan Meer packages.” Said Awadhi about Ramadan 2019

Al Awadhi said they are hoping for more assistance to fulfill their obligations towards over 52,000 registered families and cases. “With the help of kind hearts, we will be able to ease the suffering of thousands of deprived and low-income families over the holy month of Ramadan, and help them enjoy the serenity of the month and give more time to worship.”

“This season gives a big boost to our charity programmes and projects, mainly emergency aids, treatment support, and defaulters scheme whereby 24 Emirati nationals were set free after settling their over Dh4 million debts.”

Futhermore, Beit Al Khair is also launching its “Farha” that will be feature various Ramadan specific programs, “This programme spans the Ramadan Meer, Iftar meal, Zakat Al Fitr, Ediya, and Kiswah projects,” said Al Awadhi. “These schemes are meant to make families happier during the Eid Al Fitr. Records show that the society spent Dh81.5 million last Ramadan. We hope to collect and spend more, and support additional eligible families this year.”