Best Online Deals on the Hand Sanitizers in UAE

Best Online Deals on the Hand Sanitizers in UAE

The world is running around in a paranoid state of frenzy looking for the right hand sanitizer. With the deadly Coronavirus showing its terribly scary face in most parts of the world, the next few months will be all about how to outsmart this virus. Even though UAE isn’t as badly affected as other countries, proper precautions must be taken, in order to prevent pandemic diseases from entering the country. And that can be done, only with proper protection.

In order to do so, it is essential to make sure you are protected at every level, starting from the basics – your hands. The Coronavirus primarily spreads via contaminated surfaces, which makes it vital to keep those hands sparkling clean and germ-free. Here is where the good old’ classic hand sanitizer comes into play.

Being the most sought-after product of the season, hand sanitizer’s demand is overpowering its supply steadily. This makes it a rare sight in most shops and supermarkets. While shops may not always be stocked with this wonder-potion, you can always find great deals online to buy it. With various options in terms of brand, features, flavors and packaging, a plethora of varieties of hand sanitizers are available.

This way, you won’t even have to step out of home and put yourself or your loved ones at risk!

How to choose the right hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers do their jobs to the best capacity if they are made with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Although they come in many scents and flavors, it is best to pick one that is able to kill germs on every level. And while doing so, it is essential to keep in mind factors such as value for money, size of the product, and germ-killing capacity.

From hand sanitizer sprays, to the classic gooey liquid, to lighter and watery ones, they come in many forms and textures.

Best deals on hand sanitizers to look out for:

The market is flooded with some amazing deals that help you combat germs and viruses effortlessly. With the option of making purchases from within the comfort of your home, all you have to do is simply add the product of your choice to your cart, pay for it, and wait for it to reach you. While deals may come and go, here are some effective hand sanitizers that always keep your best interests in mind:

1) Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Gel 500 ml

This revolutionary immunity boosting concoction is a classic when it comes to hand sanitizers. By giving you a 10 hour protection against germs, it slays 99.99% of the germs at any point of time. With three options in flavor – Total 10, Lemon Fresh and Care, you can choose the flavor of your choice based on what you like. This disinfectant is effective, smells great and keeps you free of germs and viruses.

You can buy this product at AED 33.33

2) Amal Plus

Being a popular pick when it comes to hand sanitizing gels, Amal Plus comes in a massive 5 liter bottle which makes it a super-saver pack. Therefore making it convenient for big families, offices or large groups of people to use. Being a top sold product in the hand sanitizing category, Amal Plus is superior in every way possible, with fine quality ingredients, excellent packaging and cost-effectiveness. It is value for money at its best!
Promising review: “very useful”

You can buy this product at AED 170

3) Automatic hand sanitizing dispenser

Although not a sanitizer per say, this product ensures that your hands are cleaner than ever. With an infrared smart sensor, it ensures that you have no contact with the device & its capacity is 400 ml of hand sanitizer. This featured ensures that infections aren’t transmitted through the product, making it super hygienic. This dispenser saves energy and lasts for up to 4300 hours and is battery operated.

With ABS plating, this sleek and stylish design adds panache to any space – be it your bathrooms, common spaces, or kitchen.

You can buy this product at AED 49.07

4) Elegant hand sanitizer spray

With amazing germ protection that kills viruses and bacteria, this spray is convenient and easy to use. With the ability to kill 99.9% germs, Elegant hand sanitizer spray acts as a powerful disinfectant. Since it is a spray, it can even be used on surfaces, clothes, shoes etc, as a disinfectant. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin E, it moisturizes the skin while protecting it from harmful germs. Coming in a 100ml pack, this product by Cosmoland is extremely effective.

You can buy this product at AED 13

5) Dyna anti-microbial hand sanitizer

This disinfectant is available in various sizes for your convenience – be it 250 or 500 ml. Being a sought-after brand, it does its job well by disinfecting effectively. By killing 99% of the germs, Dyna provides long-lasting effects that ensure that your hands are always hygienic and sterile. This product is easy to carry, use and store, and shows amazing effect by killing off germs, viruses and bacteria. With great reviews, it is trustworthy and has great value for money.

Promising review: “Nice Product, good fragrance & reasonable price.”

You can buy this product at AED 29.87

6) Pex Active Hand Sanitizer

Pex is a popular brand that is ideal for travel and kitchen use. Being a non-sticky and rinse-free gel, this disinfectant is easy to apply or store. Its nourishing effects leave the hands feeling soft, supple and smooth, thus being the perfect disinfectant for any weather. Its 5 liter special pack ensures that proper value for money is met, while keeping your hands free from viruses and germs with the highest of quality standards.

Promising review: “Best hand sanitizer I’ve used lately. My family uses it everyday. Recommend to other buyers to buy this product. It will not disappoint you. Keeps germs away and leaves your hands feeling 100 percent clean.”

You can buy this product at AED 160.99 for a 5 liter pack

7) Techvida automatic soap dispenser

Although described as a soap dispenser, this product can be used to store and use hand sanitizers too. It is known for its hygienic dispensing capabilities, which are perfect for high-tense virus-ridden situations. Being a hands-free, no-contact soap dispenser, this product uses infrared red and is highly sensitive. With an LED indicator, its accurate dispensing allows 1ml of liquid soap or sanitizer to dispense. It works the best if the hand sanitizer poured in the product is gooey and isn’t too thin. Perfect for keeping germs and bacteria away, this product saves time, effort and is hygienic.

Promising review: “Wow finally I can have sensor operated device to clean my hands. It saves your bells as well as impressing the guests!”

You can buy this product at AED 169.99

8) Silky Cool hand sanitizer gel

With vibrant packaging that is easy to use and dispense, Silky Cool is a great pick when it comes to hand sanitizers. Available in 500 ml bottles, it is a well-rated product in the body cleansing category. Being easy to transport, it is perfect to carry around in your bag while travelling. Having a gooey, gel based consistency; this sterile hand sanitizer effectively cleanses the hand and rids it of any germs or virus.

Promising review: “Silky cool I already use it and found it very nice quality with good smell and smooth feeling.”

You can buy this product at AED 36

9) Cool & Cool max fresh hand sanitizer

This product comes in a 250 ml bottle, thus making it extremely hand to carry around. With the ability to kill 99.99% of the germs instantly, it has a non-sticky consistency. Having anti-bacterial elements, the Cool & Cool max fresh hand sanitizer is extra hygienic in properties. Perfect for any weather, its pleasant smell ensures that hands are sanitized while adding a dash of freshness to your day. Its anti-septic properties make it a popular pick when it comes to hand sanitizers.

Promising review: “Not as expensive as other brands. Mildly scented and not too sticky. Good product”

You can buy this product at AED 57

Hand sanitizers are starting to play a huge and vital role in lives across the globe. Hence using the product sensibly and responsibly is a must, given the current scenario of viruses that are omni-present. By using the right hand sanitizer you are adding extra protective care to yourself and your loved ones. In order to fight germs, viruses and other bacterial diseases, a good hand sanitizer goes a very long way. Don’t you agree?

It is essential that you read the product descriptions carefully before purchase, so as to be wary of the ingredients and substances that go into making a certain product. This way, you can choose what is best for you and your loved ones, keeping in mind allergies and other complications that might occur. So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and free your hands from germs with the right hand sanitizer!