Don’t Carry These 7 Items in UAE Airlines!


Recently a list of items banned during the flight in hand carry was issued. UAE airlines have also listed some of the items which passengers cannot carry in their baggage.

Besides, during the check-in a few of these items can still be brought through, the objects in the list compiled by Dubai Customs and Airports are not permitted under any condition.

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Powdered Items

Any powdered material that is more than 350ml/12oz, like the size of a can soda drink, should be put in checked baggage and not in hand luggage.

Smart Luggage

Smart bags have lithium batteries to operate GPS tracking systems, phone chargers and electronic locks, which can be the cause linked to fires on planes. It is very more important to check the rules with an individual airline before you fly anywhere so that you do not carry smart luggage.

Baby Foods

If you are carrying baby food it should be checked and made sure that the governing authority has allowed it both at the departure and destination airports otherwise you can get yourself into trouble. Some governments, for example, allow a few items such as formula and cow’s milk in your hand luggage but you should have your baby along with you.


Some people want to stay fresh all the time, but carrying a lot of perfumes bottle can be risky so keep your best one in a transparent plastic bag no more than 20cm by 20cm.

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Before you keep your medicine case you need to make sure that you carry the prescription along with you on the travel, you must check with the medical control authority for the controlled medicine.

Sports Goods

Most sports equipment is not permitted in hand luggage and the lists widen to cricket kit, badminton rackets, billiard cues or catapults and harpoons for the more obvious reasons. Or even the fishing rod comes under the same restrictions so if you are planning to go fishing you have checked first.

Sharp Objects

If you’re planning some renovations at home, don’t think of carrying your own tools in your hand luggage. Drills, screwdrivers, spanners, nails and laser pointers and scissors and other metallic sharp objects also all need to be checked as sharp objects are strictly forbidden.

Some other items on the list included food items such as soups or liquid food. Peroxides or chemicals that can be dangerous, aerosols or multiple lighters are not permissible.