Dubai Heart might be introduced at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Heart might be introduced at Jumeirah Beach
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The competition initiated by Dubai Municipality, which requested for proposals to create a waterpark destination under the theme ‘Dubai Heart’, gained many amazing and creative submissions. But what has caught everyone’s attention with its magnanimous structure is the submission by Nad Al Shiba Engineering Consultants.

The stunning heart-shaped Dubai entertainment destination at Dubai’s Jumeirah beach will include a potentially record-breaking climbing wall, giant water slide and glass sea passage, as well as a sea view sky walk, restaurants, retail strip, yacht bay, amphitheatre and two observation decks, giving visitors unparalleled views of the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa.

With big plans for the destination, Nad Al Shiba Engineering Consultants hope for the projects’ main attractions to break Guinness World Records; for ‘the world’s largest indoor climbing wall’, ‘the world’s highest water slide’ and ‘the world’s longest glass passage in the sea.’

The Structure:

The entire project would comprise of two entertainment destinations; one retail and leisure space on the shore – shaped like a wave, and the heart-shaped entertainment structure 150m out to sea, both of which would be connected by the record-breaking glass walkway, as the plans reveal.

Getaway On The Beach:

The structure also entails the beach section which is also dedicated to house an ‘open plaza’ with various food outlets, shops and a stunning sand art piazza, as well as the amphitheatre and glass viewing platform. All the while, the tourists can enjoy the beach usuals such as sunbathing, as well as an artificial surfing bay and long walks.

Packed with Thrilling Activities:

The Heart-shaped structure is filled with adventures which include a state-of-the-art Cloud Trip feature, where visitors could ‘experience life in future or life on air’, walking on huge inflatable bubbles or the cloud walk. Of course, it’s here where visitors would also find the climbing wall, slide and second viewing platform.

An official competition winner or schedule for building has not yet been announced.