Vessels to Look Out for at Dubai International Boat Show 2019


Dubai is the city of the majestic event followed after one another. The recent happening going on the waters of Dubai is the five-day Dubai International Boat Show. Soon it will be home to hundreds of schooners, skiffs, and yachts, as well as marine equipment and expert. The leading manufacturers of superyachts, sailing boats, sports boats, fishing boats, and speed boats will be presenting their latest developments. It is the largest boat show happening on the water of the Middle East, which will showcase the leading designer of luxury boats and luxury interiors from around the world. So all the people who love the splendid range of boat and accessories here is your dream boat waiting.

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DIBS is introducing the latest addition to the show so if you’re searching a good deal for your first boat or add to your fleet, just so that you know that owning a boat is a very exciting yet expensive proposition. The average boat is used only eight percent of the time over a year according to Val Streif, spokesperson of boat rental platform GetMyBoat.

Above 400 seacrafts are booked into the thrilling show this year from some of the industries influential including Azimut, Ferretti and Gulf Craft.

Key advice for this year’s show

Streif highlights what to look out for if you want to buy or rent a vessel long-term, also the advantages and downsides of keeping and living on a boat.

Take out sufficient time in your busy schedule to actually get out and choose a good purchase. Surfing on the cold water and getting to see a city from a new perspective gives the utmost joy. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying on a boat deck feeling the sun, feeling the gentle movements of the waves, and having a whole day cut off from the pressures of life on land.

As the weather in Dubai is pretty hot always wear sunscreen, stop for swims to cool down, and make sure you bring plenty of water on board. If you’re investing in a bigger yacht with indoor cabin space, ensure it has air-conditioning, which is helpful during the summers – and never fail to remember your sunglasses.

You can even start earning by your investment; rent your boat out through platform such as GetMyBoat. Motor yachts are a trendy choice among business travelers and most of the luxury admired people in the UAE, who desire to cruise and stop for swims or host parties on board.

It can be quite interesting if you’re planning to live on the boat, before you move into your water home, get ready yourself for life in smaller accommodation. Be organized to sell, donate and let go of a lot of material belongings, as having lots of stuff on board just isn’t practical. Start planning yourself on your travels – discovering marinas to dock at, paying all taxes, and making sure you’re doing things by the book is important. Amazing benefits of living on a boat comprises of the freedom to travel a lot more and avoiding high rent prices. It’s a great substitute to expensive living the homeowners may come across.

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On the other hand, there are lots of drawbacks also like managing a lot of costs, including fuel, marina fees, taxes, and repairs, which you ought to aim to counter by renting out your boat when you’re not using it.

There a few vessels to look out for

‘Foiler’ by Enata

Foiler is the world’s first flying yacht by UAE companyEnata which make sea sickness feels like nothing. It uses four retractable foils, the Foiler lifts itself out of the water to give passengers a sensation of flight.

Majesty 140

Launched in last year, the 43.4-meter superyacht is indeed an example of talent by the luxury Middle Eastern yacht builder Gulf Craft. This yacht will show off her exterior and interior designed by Gulf Craft and can accommodate up to 12 guests across five staterooms.

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The Expedition by Iguana can craft transitions flawlessly from land to sea. The 30-foot vessel has a 400hp, with a robust powertrain allowing it to cruise easily on land.

Nomad 95

Gulf Craft has created one amazing piece of the class which is 30.55-meter long-distance superyacht from GRP to reach speeds of up to 27 knots. The Gulf Craft design features a spacious layout thanks to its 7.4-meter beam and it could accommodate up to eight guests.