GIRLGAMER Esports Festival coming to Dubai

GIRLGAMER Esports Festival coming to Dubai

Following the qualifying stages in Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Spain and Brazil, the best girl gamers un the world gets prepared to compete in the finals of the GirlGamer eSports Festival in Dubai.

For the first time, the largest festival dedicated to female gamers is coming to the emirate at Meydan Grandstand and will take place over four days from Sunday, February 19 to Saturday, February 22.

Teams competing in the finals include Carnage (Australia), Copenhagen Flames (Europe) and INTZ (Brazil) against undefeated champion Team Dignitas from the US in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Charon (South Korea), Oob (Europe), Besiktas, Innova (Brazil) and local representatives Galaxy Racer (UAE) will go head to head in League of Legends.

Following the qualifying stages in Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Spain and Brazil, the competition in Dubai will bring together nine of the world’s best all-female gaming teams to compete for the prize pool of US$100,000 (Dh367,000).

Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, Vice President of Meydan Malls said: “Hosting the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival, a tournament that captures the energy and creativity of the world’s youth, reflects Meydan One’s progressive ethos and our commitment to supporting Dubai’s future vision. Our involvement in this event is also part of our efforts to bring rich new technological and entertainment offerings to our diverse customer base. Holding the event at the Meydan Grandstand allows us to offer unique experiences to both contestants and audiences attending this exceptional event.”

In addition to the main tournament, there will also be other events at the festival including an eSports business conference, educational seminars, and a cosplay competition.

Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer eSports said: “We are proud to join hands with the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) and Meydan One to organise the world’s largest event dedicated to girl gamers. Galaxy Racer eSports is keen to contribute to the eSports revolution that is gathering momentum in Dubai and the broader region. Hosting this event will add new value to Dubai’s emergence as an innovation-driven city.”

Recognised as a platform to promote women’s empowerment, the event was named the ‘Best Esports Festival’ at the FestX Awards in 2018.

Abdulla Mansouri, Team Leader at 10X Media, said: “Bringing major events like the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival World Finals to Dubai is a key focus of the 10X Media project, which aims to transform the emirate’s media industry with future-oriented projects. The creative and technological possibilities inherent in the esports sector make it a perfect fit for GDMO’s 10X media strategy. This event will further help position Dubai as a hub for the global eSports industry. Through this event, we seek to offer a platform for the youth of the region to contribute and enrich the development of this dynamic industry.”

Tickets of the event are now available on Ticketmaster and Platinumlist.