National Public Holidays in Pakistan in 2020 Full List

National Public Holidays in Pakistan in 2019 Full List

At the stroke of midnight on 31st December, the world will enter the “Twenty-Twenties” which will mark the beginning of a new decade and the end of the Twenty-Tens. And speaking of new things, all the holidays in a way are going to be renewed as we get to experience the most memorable, heroic and religious events amongst others.

Pakistan gets plenty of official holidays which are greater in number than many other countries. So let’s see the main categories the holidays are divided by:

1- National Holidays:

These are the holidays that the Federal Government gives in order to celebrate a heroic victory or a momentous day in history, also mourn the loss of great people of this great country.

2- Public Holidays

These are the holidays given by the government to all the offices, schools, government and private businesses to be closed for a specific day. However, this varies in all regional government authorities like Sindh government allots single day holiday on the Death Anniversary Benazir Bhutto in Sindh only.

3- Religious Holidays:

These are the type of holidays that are given in order to observe an important religious event. These holidays are also the most extensive as over the period of Eid, 3-4 days holidays are given. But these holidays strictly depend on the moon sighting and are announced with a definite date in close proximity to the actual event. Certain Holidays are observed by the minorities to celebrate their important religious events as well.

Following are all the holidays listed:

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Holidays other than these fall in Bank Holidays and other holidays that are not given to the whole nation but a specific people or department.

Like Bank Holidays are only given to Banks. They Fall On 1st January, 6th July and 1st Ramadan.