Husband helps Wife Deliver Baby at Home in Ajman

Emirati Husband helps Wife Deliver Baby at Home in Ajman

An Emirati husband helped her wife deliver a baby boy in their residence in Ajman.

Yes, this is not a movie scene but an incident that was shared by National Ambulance UAE on their social media.

The National Ambulance crews said on Saturday that they had responded to a call for a woman in Ajman going into labour and on the verge of giving birth. Medics guided the husband on what to do, including providing him with first aid instructions over the phone through the assistance from the National Ambulance.

The National Ambulance Communications Centre (ACC) had received the call at 6.47 am last Thursday. It was from the husband who said that his wife had suddenly gone into labour and was about to give birth at their home in Ajman. The man said the baby’s head had already come out and that he could see it.

Two ambulances with the crew and one response unit were immediately dispatched to the woman’s home.

The call taker stayed on the phone with the husband and started giving him first aid instructions to assist him to deal with the situation at hand and ensure the safety of the wife and baby until the ambulance crew arrived.

To ensure a smooth handover of the mother and baby and provide them with the appropriate medical care upon their arrival, the team alerted the hospital’s emergency department about the case and its expected time of arrival.

On arrival, the paramedics found when the baby boy was in the arms of his mother. The team immediately attended to mother and baby and both were safely transferred to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman to receive the appropriate medical care.