Instagram model Treyc Tasha tests negative for coronavirus

Instagram model Treyc Tasha tests negative for coronavirus

With the safety precautions and isolation periods defined by World Health Organization, people have been urged to follow them religiously in an attempt to protect themselves and other around them.

Recently an Instagram Model from Uganda, Treyc Tash, who had just flown back from Dubai came under the radar of the internet community regarding Coronavirus. With UAE already under hit from Covid-19, the model was urged by her community to get tested.

Ministry of Health in Uganda confirmed 9 cases in total for those who had tested positive for COVID-19. Seven of those had recently been to Dubai which hadn’t been put on red alert and hence they weren’t quarantined upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

Treyc revealed to her fans on twitter and Instagram that she had indeed taken all the necessary steps, tests and completed her isolation period and had tested negative for coronavirus. She said: “So today 25th march 2020 marks the 14th day since i returned from dubai …i got tested at the airport for covid -19 upon arrival …was tested again a week later and was negative i havent experienced any symptoms and today i was tested again at mulago ward 2A am out of danger ….please stay home ..wash your hands and observe the safety measures given unto you ….#coronakillsdreams”

The Instagram model reveals that she went for testing earlier upon return to Uganda and she went back to Mulago Hospital on Tuesday for another test which confirmed her negative for COVID-19.

She then went along to thank all the fans, friends and family who showed such loving concern for her health.