Is Jordyn Woods dating Dadju? or visiting Dubai for ‘Business?

Is Jordyn Woods dating Dadju or visiting Dubai for 'Business

Since being ousted from Kylie Jenner’s inner circle, Jordyn Woods has had a very interesting journey. In her latest Instagram post Woods updated her fans that she was travelling to Dubai for “Business” but latest snaps tell another story.

It appears that evidently Jordyn is not solely by herself in Dubai, and The Shade Room shared a few posts that shed some light on the matter.

Does that mean that the American Reality Star has a new Boyfriend?

On their trip to Dubai, Jordyn Woods and Dadju could not help posting their excitement on social networks and the least we can say is that it is explicit.

She shared a video on her social media account through which she might be seen doing squats throughout her flight to Dubai.

Dadju is a French-Congolese rapper and singer. In accordance with official information from Wikipedia, ‘He was signed to the label Wati B and in 2017 signed with Polydor Data of Common Music Group. He was a member of the musical formation Shin Sekaï alongside rapper Abou Tall from 2012 to 2016.’

He started his career as a member of the singing and rapping duo Shin Sekaï, which also includes artist Abou Tall.

In one video, which was shared on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, Woods can be seen dressed up and giving a wave to the camera. Another image shows her opening up a note from Dadju with rose petals scattered in the background.

Though there are fans who suspect romance between the two, but there are certainly fans who insisted that he and Woods were simply meeting up to shoot a video.

She infamously stroke a romantic vibe with Tristan Thompson back in February 2019, which caused her fallout from the Kardashian-Jenner family. But the same pattern can be seen with Dadju as the French singer is allegedly married with kids.