Pakistan education minister Saeed Ghani tests positive for Coronavirus

Pakistan education minister Saeed Ghani tests positive for Coronavirus

Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, he announced on Twitter on Monday.

“I got myself tested for coronavirus yesterday out of abundance of caution and the result has come out as positive. I do not have any symptoms at the moment and feel completely healthy,” said Ghani, in a video message.

The minister in the message also urged citizens to take the government’s decision regarding the lockdown seriously and follow it. He urged everyone to stay home so the pandemic that has spread throughout Pakistan could be stopped. Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has also put himself in isolation after he held meeting with the infected minister Ghani.

“After Saeed Ghani was tested positive for corona, I have decided to isolate myself for 24 hrs pending results of my test, as I was in a meeting on corona with him in close proximity. Stay safe. Allah Kareem,” tweeted Sindh Governor.

Responding to a question about the lockdown in the province, Ghani said they were trying their best to make sure that everyone stays inside during the 15-day time.

“It is not easy for us to drag people into their homes. People themselves need to realise how serious the issue is. If they go outside they are likely to catch the virus and pass it on to others,” he said. Ghani said after being questioned on how the government would tackle the issue of uninterrupted supply of water and gas during the lockdown, Ghani assured that the authorities had discussed the matter with related agencies.

“We have spoken to HESCO and PEPCO about zero-load shedding during the lockdown. SSG has also assured us of uninterrupted gas supply,” he said. “KWSB has been told to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water and to keep a check on sanitation.”