Ronaldo and Djokovic meets Sheikh Hamdan in Dubai

Ronaldo and Djokovic meets Sheikh Hamdan Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum met with sports superstar Cristiano Ronaldo this week as the player visited Dubai with his family for a sunny vacation and celebrating Christmas.

The pair shared a photo from the luxury Bulgari Hotel in Jumeirah.

Ronaldo posted a photo of himself with Sheikh Hamdan and his eldest son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, aged nine. He captioned the photo, “Always great to see you my friend @faz3”.

Posing with partner Georgina Rodriguez, and his four children: Cristiano Jr, Mateo, Alana and Eva, Ronaldo posted a Christmas family snap on the sandy beaches of Dubai.

Ronaldo is in Dubai to headline the Dubai International Sports Conference on Saturday, December 28, where he discussed the secret to his success of being the most recognisable athletes in the world and a possible upcoming Hollywood Movie.

“I hope I live more than 50 years more and I want to prepare to face the obstacles of a new life, to do things I don’t know how to do,” Ronaldo told a packed conference ballroom. “For instance, to participate in a movie. But you need to have good preparation, you need to have top English, and then you don’t have to be nervous.

“I’m not nervous in football, because I’m already prepared to play football. But in order to play in a movie, I have to prepare myself. When you go out of your comfort zone that is a real challenge. And this is what I want to achieve: to surprise other people. Until now, my life was very good in all areas and I think I’m a complete, holistic person. And so I want to continue to study to learn something new.”

Ronaldo also said: “I want to play for a few more years,” Ronaldo said. “It is not possible to win all the titles, but you need to be humble. I know I have achieved so much, but I know that others also achieve and there are many great, great players”.

Djokovic who was also present in Dubai joined Ronaldo for a session in a gym in Dubai.

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic also spent time with Sheikh Hamdan in Dubai this week and praised the Dubai Crown Prince’s passion for sports: “On my path I have met many enthusiasts who love sports, but you @faz3 have raised passion and commitment and respect for the sport to another level. Love your work and I am happy to be of service on that fantastic mission of yours to bring love for sports closer to people.”