ROP Rescue Video of a Motorist stuck in Flood

ROP Rescue Video of a Motorist stuck in Flood

As heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, hailstorm and flash floods hit parts in Oman and UAE all together, the life citizens become a challenge. With heavy rainfall continuing, NCM has issued a yellow and red alert due to unstable weather conditions that may cause poor visibility for drivers.

One such incident occurred on Sunday in Dhank valley, Al Dhahirah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, when a driver got stuck in a car completely submerged in water in a flooded wadi.

Royal Oman Police, which had already announced aircraft carry out search and rescue operations earlier, got to the scene on time and managed to save the citizen who was stuck in a dire situation.

The video shared by ROP shows the rescue worker descending from a helicopter on top of the car and quickly tethering himself to the distressed citizen. Quickly they were lifted upwards as soon as the rescue worker signaled the pilot. Hanging mid-air, the pilot took both of them towards safety and dry land.

The Royal Oman Police shared the video of this heroic rescue on its Twitter handle on Sunday:

The heroic rescue was also witnessed by on-lookers from afar.

Royal Oman Police (ROP) began the search, rescue and transfer operations in a number of cases in several Governorates as air depression Thujaj cause moderate to heavy rainfall and hail in many parts of the Sultanate earlier on Sunday.

Along with the above-mentioned rescue, they also released the following statements:
“Police aircraft moved to carry out a search and rescue operation for a person detained in Ghafer valley in Al Rustaq in the Al Batinah Governorate.”

“In addition, Police aircraft moved to implement the transfer of two sick persons at Ibri in Al Dhahirah Governorate to the Ibri Hospital after they could not be transferred by road due to the flow of the valleys.” the ROP added