Video: Sheikh Hamdan calling out his Camels with Pet Names

Video Sheikh Hamdan calling out his Camels with Pet Names

The animal lover and thrill-seeking, sporty Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council are never short of adventures. In the latest video posted by the Crown Prince on his Instagram, he has been calling out his pet camels by name. In the video, he is sitting in the driver seat in his famous Mercedes G-Class calling out to his camels by the name “Emaar and Fares” and giving them a treat to munch on.

The videos go with “Come here Fares, come here Emaar,” he calls over to the animals. Fares come over, sticks his head into the window. “Fares, get Emaar, go get Emaar,” he tells his camel. Fares happily obliges and gets Emaar. “Emaar come here, come here, come here,” he says. She comes up to the window with Fares. They both start munching before all is gone and the Prince announces that there is none left so they give a peck to the Prince.

Having a huge following on social media, the video has gained more than 1,155,198 views and it’s not even been a day since it was posted.

Two of the things that the Prince loves posting is about his thrilling sports adventures and animals. He has previously shared videos and pictures of him with horses, giraffes, dogs, falcons, gazelles, oryxes, hedgehogs and even a little hermit crab.

Fans of the Prince are absolutely smitten with the Prince’s new video and have commented sweet messages for the Prince.

Some have went on to praise his leadership coupled with his love for animals.