Splash Challenge makes Splashes on TikTok, Instagram

Splash Challenge makes Splashes on TikTok, Instagram

With Open Arms, 2020 welcomes the latest social media trend that is making splashes on the internet with the new “Splash Challenge”.

The challenge already has had more than 2000 attempts online.


The challenge is rather an athletic one in which one is required to stand with their backs towards the water and touch the surface of the water without making a splash before landing safely back on the ledge.

Though many skilled people have attempted and have been successful the challenge is equally dangerous as many have failed and landed a rather painful fall.

Thousands of videos have crowded Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with various attempts at the challenge from just simply doing a touch and go at the water to more complicated backflips, handstands, and props.

In this challenge a very measured physics is applied and those who miss the mark can land in a world of hurt.

And some people have taken the challenge completely out of measure and instead of jumping over water, people have tried and do the challenge with no water on their backside rather the edge of a building.