Street Art And Graffiti Art In Dubai by World’s Renowned Artists

Street Art And Graffiti Art In Dubai by World's Renowned Artists

The most powerful and eye-catching art in the world is street art. From galleries to graffiti, the art scene is growing at a fast pace in Dubai. If you take a walk around the city you get to experience some of the finest wall art done by world’s renowned artists.

City Walk

amazing art at city walk dubai

In Dubai, street art was introduced at the new City Walk. Different street artists from all over the world were invited to paint the walls with their amazing art. They used physical props, stencils, spray tins and gold old fashioned paint brushes and create magic on the walls.

There is a vast range of statement pieces and interactive art of various sizes – from full wall installations to miniscule pop-up model art. Popular names from the street art industry, including Nick Walker, Blek Le Rat, Rone and Magda Sayeg, have left their creative mark in City Walk.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

street art on jumeirah beach residence

The street art in this area is very attractive and grabs the attention of visitors. Artists have create unique and outstanding pieces on the walls of JBR. ‘The Giraffes in the Jungle’ art work looks so real that kids run up to touch the giraffe. Not just that, there’s a lot of art work to explore on the streets of JBR, including ‘The Hidden Persian Art’, ‘The Two Ragdolls’, ‘Girl on a Swing’, ‘King Crab’ and ‘The Golden Eagle by Qui Xinghu’.

Recently, a Dubai-based British street artist, Myneandyours has left his mark at JBR with his art called ‘Exploration of Colours’ – the edgy installation and dynamic entertainment act is an amazing sight to watch.

Al Karama

karama dubai street art

One of the oldest areas of the city is following the footsteps of City Walk. The street artists have added some vibrant art work to the 12 apartments building. There are 24 huge murals painted on the walls, including falcon, shark, lion, flying car and guitar. This captivating street art is a source of pride for the residents of Karama.


Satwa Dubai Street Museum

Dubai Street Museum is an open-air gallery. Initially 12 street artists were engaged in this project. They worked on 16 different murals. The gallery represents Emirati history and heritage.

The art works at the gallery include, Arabic calligraphy, map of UAE, portraits of Emirati royals, a group of Emirati children hoop rolling, a golden coffee pot and more traditional and cultural art work from the UAE.

Alserkal Arts District

Grey Noise - Alserkal Avenue art museum

It would not be incorrect to say that Alserkal is the arena of art galleries and street art in Dubai. Art lovers find the city’s coolest art galleries in this area.

The famous art galleries in Alserkal are Ayyam, The Third Line, Grey Noise, Leila Heller, Lawrie Shabibi, Carbon 12 and SPM. Along the way street artists have made eccentric murals and street art as well as a number of enigmatic lighting installations which is a great visual treat for visitors.