You may be able to drive Tesla Cybertruck in Dubai with ekar

Tesla Cybertruck ekar dubai app

After the tweet by Dubai Police about Tesla Cybertruck that announced a possible new addition to its vehicle fleet, another company in the UAE has decided to bring Tesla’s new Cybertruck to its automobile family. Ekar, pay-per-minute, smartphone app-based, carshare service in their latest Instagram post shared the exciting news of having placed their order for Elon Musk’s latest Cybertruck.


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It’s official! #ekar, the first @teslamotors carshare in the world, has placed its order for a Tesla truck! #TeslaCyberTruck

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With over 200 cars deployed in Abu Dhabi in February, this first-ever carshare start-up company in the region believes in reducing levels of air pollution, lessen parking infrastructure issues, decrease the need for road expansions and allow more resources for park development and urban green spaces through its services.

“For every one carshare car on the road means there are seven owned cars off the road thereby contributing largely to the decrease in air pollution,” a statement by ekar.

So, this means that the locals in the UAE will soon get to enjoy this latest quirky invention by Tesla.

Ekar was the first company to bring Tesla’s electric vehicle car-sharing to the Middle East, introducing five models initially and most welcome addition to the family will be the All-Electric Cybertruck.

As the Cybertruck production rolls out in 2020, make sure to download this carsharing app and enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle without actually buying one.

So get ready to save yourself a fortune and yet enjoy the futuristic ride.