Visiting your Relatives? Be a Good House Guest!

Visiting your Relatives? Be a Good House Guest!

Are you planning to visit your aunt in California or your sister in Italy?

Please hold on to this idea before you actually jump into your relatives’ house! And, think how good you are as a houseguest? Because many people DON’T like surprise visitors.

If you want your holidays to be memorable and worth the time then do read our tips to be a good house guest.

Rule # 1 – Don’t Surprise

Never pay an unannounced visit to your friends or family. Always check the availability of your host.

Rule # 2 – Pay Short Visit

Long visits get boring for both the guest and the host. Plan a short visit at your aunts.

Rule # 3 – Bring a Gift

My granny still loves chocolates and flowers – so if your aunt loves such cute little presents surprise her with them.

Rule # 4 – Help Yourself

Of course, your aunt does not want to do your dishes every time or clean up your messy room. Don’t leave the wet towel on the bed before heading out.

Rule # 5 – Have Fun

If you know some of the cool places near your aunt’s house, visit them, do the shopping, eat the undiscovered food and make the most of your trip.

Rule # 6 – Give Thanks

Traditionally, a guest should thank three times to the host – at the time he arrives, when he’s set to leave and with a thanks note. Be a traditional guest!