Book Hero Launches 24/7 Book Store in Dubai

Book Hero Launches 27:7 Book Store in Dubai

Book lovers can now buy their favourite books any time in Dubai. Isn’t it exciting?

Recently, Book Hero has launched its 24/7 book store in Dubai. The best part of the store is that there is no staff. Instead the store runs on public trust.

The owner of the store Montserrat Martin believes in customer trust. He said, “We don’t employ staff simply because we trust our customers. I visit the place once a day to replace stock and collect money.”

The book store has more than 20,000 novels. There are English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish books available in the store. The payment relies on a drop box called the Trust Box in which people will drop money of the book purchased.

For the ease of customers, the books are tagged with yellow and green stickers that indicate their prices. The prices of books are ranging from Dhs10 to Dhs20.

“Nobody would steal a book and even if someone does it would cost me just Dhs300 which is nothing compared to what I would spend on hiring staff and paying for overheads like visa and insurance.” said Martin.