Coca Cola Arena launches campaign “Be Live in Dubai” for residents to perform online

Coca Cola Arena launches campaign “Be Live in Dubai” for residents to perform online

Celebrities all around the world are charging up social media with online content, from exclusive online interviews to concerts, the talent around the world has been delivering content in order to keep everyone entertained in an otherwise dire situation due to the wide spread pandemic.

And joining the world is Dubai’s very own Coca Cola Arena which has announced a grand campaign calling out all the creative minds, talents and artists including musicians, comedians, dancers and athletes in Dubai to showcase their skills to the world, while staying at home.

Showcasing the city’s most talented individual, “Be Live in Dubai” campaign will be running on the venues social media handles, while also inviting participants to share why they believe in Dubai.

The virtual stage is now set up and all what you need to do is simply record yourself from your home and upload the video using @cocacolaarena and the hashtag #BeLiveInDubai for a chance to be showcased on the channels.

The venue will select the best performances at 5pm each weekday to share on their accounts.

The best thing about the campaign is that the Arena is not looking only for the professionals rather they have encouraged the amateurs and the passionate to send their videos as well. So no matter if you are literally bad at something, if you love it, send it.

This initiative is to keep alive the community with refreshing entertainments and spread the positivity amidst Covid 19.

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