Dubai Resident, Mad Shadz amazes with his Funny Videos

Dubai Resident, Mad Shadz, Amazes with his Funny Videos

Shot to fame by his famous comedy video made about the FIFA Worldcup, Shadi Tohme, a 30-year-old Syrian national quit his job as with Microsoft to pursue a full-time career in comedy and acting.

Operating under the name Mad Shadz, Tohme starting making content initially for his Facebook Page where he would post parody and comedy videos with a whopping 615,446 followers and later expanded his reach by garnering 8.07K subscribers on YouTube and 74.6K Followers on TikTok.

Growing up in Abu Dhabi, Shadi got used to having friends from many backgrounds, which made him excel in doing impressions which now scores millions of views in a matter of hours.

He attended the American University of Beirut for five years where he graduated with an Economics degree.

He currently lives in Dubai where used to work at Microsoft. “Before I knew I possessed any talent, I just did it for fun. I would imitate the teachers and friends. I was known as ‘the guy that does impressions’,” he said.

“I think it did so well because everyone could relate to it,” he added about his FIFA Video which entailed portraying the different nationalities of football fans on predictions of various matches.

Tohme said he was humbled by the success of his World Cup video as celebrities from around the world like Sharon Shone shared the video on their official social media handles. Many more accent heavy, comically engaging videos followed continuing the success of Tohme as a talented powerhouse.

“You have people from all over the world here which is so inspiring for the kind of work I do. I’m the type of person who notices every slight detail in people or situations so it started off with me doing impressions of friends, family, teachers and public figures,” he said.

“I felt very passionate about making people smile, laugh or just feel better and I noticed that they mostly enjoyed the accents skits so I focused on them, even though I really love all forms of acting, not just with accents.”

He also hosts events, collaborates with brands and holds public events.

Tohme also collaborated with some very Big Names of the industry like Miss Egypt, who he teamed up for an amazing video that will leave the followers wanting for more: